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Find job in Vietnam or IT job in Japan

​Why Grasp!

Because Grasp! will be your career 'MENTOR'

We take seriously about being your business career MENTOR. It means not only exchanging the CV and JD

but also understanding the needs of companies and individual candidates and considering the win-win situation

for both company and candidate.

Do you understand the background of the Job description in detail?

​You will find lots of Job description through the internet, such as social media or individual networks, without any fee. Therefore, no one will explain why the company wants to hire this position, what will be the next step of these positions, what the future this company is aiming for, and so on.

Can you find out if these positions will match your future career without knowing that?

Grasp! will be your MENTOR not only once but also as long as you improve your career. ​ Here is what we provide for you to decide your next career.

Introduce job position

Grasp! explains about job position with its background in detail. And the reason why the position will match with you since we have long term relationships with our clients and listen very carefully what kind of candidate they want to hire. We also provide you a free CV review by a Japanese career consultant with ten years' experience.

Support self-understanding

Do you understand what you aim for in your future career in the Japanese company, and how do you make your career step? What is the business situation in the Japanese company you want to join? Is there any gap between your desire salary and current salary. How do you minimize those gaps? Grasp! supports deepen self-understanding and how you decide for your career. 

Nhân sự tầm trung và cấp cao

Here is some example of how the candidates with upper-middle level find their new career with Grasp!

We cover wide range of job categories not only sales or back office but also QA, manufacturing, inventory, and so on.


We ask lots of questions relating to your career history and your desire career to make sure your experiences and your desire career match with our client's position. Please reconsider why you want to change your job and what you want to do in the next place. Ensure your experiences are written correctly in your CV and talk about us, whatever in your mind. That information will help us possible to find your best opportunity quickly.

Grasp! is characterized by the fact that half of our candidates are experienced middle-career with a monthly gross salary of 700 USD or more and it takes an average of 2 weeks to get an offer after we send CVs for the upper-middle position. We cover a wide range of job category such as admin, HR, finance, marketing, sales, QA, inventory, or manufacturing.

Feel free to contact us, for details and more jobs.

Successful cases for Upper Middle career

40-year-old female
Annual income 21,000 USD

General affairs and personnel manager of a Japanese manufacturing company → CHRO of a Japanese IT company

Worked for about 15 years in the general affairs and human resources area in a Japanese manufacturing company. After face-to-face interviews with Grasp!, she decided to take career change to work as a human resources manager for an IT company even if her salary decrease than before. And She was hired in the CHRO position because of her high practical skill and communication skill even if she had no IT industry experience.

38-year-old female
Annual income 36,000 USD

General affairs manager of a Japanese manufacturing company → General affairs manager of a major Japanese IT service company


She has 12 years of experience in general affairs at three Japanese manufacturing companies in southern Vietnam. Hoping for a career in Ho Chi Minh City, she achieved a career change to the inexperienced IT industry after several face-to-face interviews with Grasp! to brush up her career. She takes charge of an important position in the company among all Japanese management teams and Vietnamese staff. Her mission is to create a company's culture and improve internal communication in the organization, mainly composed of engineers.

37-year-old female
Annual income: 21,000 USD

Freelance Auditor → Finance and accounting manager at a newly established company of a Japanese building materials manufacturer


After graduating from the Master of Finance at a national university in Ho Chi Minh City, worked as a freelance auditor for a Vietnamese accounting consulting company, audit corporation, and a financial service company. She keen to work as a full-time employee at a foreign-affiliated company. Win a position out of 20 applicants at a Japanese trading company with CPA qualifications.

For ​​IT Engineer

Here is some example of how the candidates with IT skills find their new career with Grasp! All of the IT positions are not necessarily required Japanese language skills but English. Feel free to contact us if you are interested in working for Japanese IT companies.

About 30% of our clients are IT companies. And we have the positions for experienced IT engineers, BrSE,  IT commuter, leader, or project managers with average gross salary 1,600 USD and less than 30 days to get an offer after we send CVs to our clients as our result in 2019. We usually ask you to provide us Github account to show to our clients how you match their position.

Grasp! has clients in Japan looking for an experienced IT candidate from overseas with or without Japanese language skills. If you challenge yourself with your IT experience and am keen to work in Japan, contact us ASAP before you miss it. Here are some examples of the position companies in Japan look for, such as Project Manager, BrSE, Web developer, iOS/Android engineer. 


Feel free to contact us, for details and more jobs.

Successful cases for IT engineer

37-year-old male
Annual salary: 62,000 USD
Tech Lead
Working in Ho Chi Minh

He gained a career as an engineer for 13 years at three Japanese development companies. Two years of that work was in Japan.
Aspiring to change jobs to an in-house service company, get a Tech Lead job for in-house service at a Japanese startup subsidiary that has already completed an IPO. Instead of managers such as PM and BrSE, he will take on important positions in the technical field and achieve a career change to a stronger technical orientation than ever before.

31-year-old male.
Annual salary: 60,000 USD
Working in Hanoi

After studying IT and Japanese at Hanoi University of Technology, he joined the Japanese headquarters of a SI company as a new graduate. After working for two companies in Japan, he returned to Vietnam and hoped to join a company with its services. Hired by a Japanese company that globally develops renewable energy business, working in Hanoi for its system department. The company appraised his achievement and hired him with the same conditions as working in Japan.

41-year-old male
Annual salary: 41,000 USD
Worked in Fukuoka

After graduating from Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology, completed the graduate school engineering major in Kyushu, Japan, and then started his career as an engineer in Japan. Worked for a total of 6 Japanese companies in 10 years after graduating from graduate school. He was changing his jobs to improve his career, but when he turned 41, I strongly hoped to continue working for a long time and in a stable workplace.
In response to the company's desire to hire a Vietnamese engineer familiar to Fukuoka, he was hired as a 41-year-old BrSE during difficult times under Covid-19.

Let's kick-start your next career with Grasp!

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