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Grasp!Vietnam supports the candidates in upper-middle level and experienced IT engineers who keen to kick-start the next career.

What are you willing to learn from a new environment and opportunity? Grasp! bridges the Japanese companies looking for the candidate who matches with their positions and those keen to find unique opportunity to improve their career. Feel free to contact us! Grasp! is committed to addressing your Career challenges.

Grasp! will be your career "MENTOR"

The resume is important, but it's just information written on paper. As an experienced career consultant, our job is to understand the needs of companies and individual candidates and consider the specialized knowledge, skills, and personality to perform the best matching.


Our experienced career consultants will provide you with objective advice for qualified candidates, comparing and contrasting the latest job listings.


Are you ready to move on to your next career with confidence?  Please feel free to contact us so we can help you reach your goals.

Grasp! supports the highly motivated candidates

for the next career

Grasp! focus on two primary career levels and help you find the right job for you from hundreds of qualified employment. No matter what your interests or qualifications, our specialists can help you find the correct position.

Upper Middle career


We have strengths in the positions above the middle class such as senior, management, or country head who can contribute to the business with qualified experiences. Half of our candidates matched the positions with a salary above 700 USD.

IT engineer


Approximately 30% of our clients are IT companies. Most of them are Japanese companies in Vietnam but some of them are companies in Japan. Not all of the positions require Japanese language skills if you have experience working as an IT engineer.

Alumni in Upper Master degree


We support alumni who finished a Master's degree or doctor's degree at oversea University to find a position in the Japanese company. Our career counselor explains to you about the position and guides you to find your first career. ​

Grasp! Career Consultant

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Takumitsu Kumazawa


Career Consultant

​Recruitment Consultant

Founder of Grasp!. More than 10 years of experience as a career consultant and recruitment consultant. Deep understanding of Japanese companies in Vietnam.

Ngô Thị Phụng

Career Consultant

More than 10 years working as a career counselor and support the candidates who want to find the new opportunity in Japanese company. Strong with back-office positions such as admin, HR, or finance.

Mai Ho

Career Consultant

More than 10 years of experience as a career consultant for Japanese HR agency. Strong with sales, engineering and IT engineer position.

Chuyên viên tư vấn

Pham Viet Hai

Researcher/Business Analyst

Career Advisor

Master's degree in Yokohama National University Graduate School of International Social Sciences. Qualified with JLPT N1. Dropped out of the Australia Newcastle Business School of Behavioral Economics course due to university closure due to COVID-19. Joined Grasp! after working as an analyst/writer for a Japanese securities company. He is in charge of content writing for the Vietnamese job market and career counseling for the candidates with a Master's or Doctor's degree.

Le Yen Lan

Career Consultant

Graduated from the Tokyo Institute technology University. Qualified with JLPT N1. After coming back from 7 years living in Japan, she joined JAC Recruitment Vietnam Hanoi office. She worked as a senior career counselor for 2 years and a half. After that, she started working as a freelance career counselor for Vietnamese candidates keen to work in Vietnam and Japan for 3 years. She has joined Grasp! as a business partner in Hanoi since 2018. 

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A Vietnam-based career consultant will help you with any questions or concerns you may have during your career in Vietnam. Please feel free to contact us. You can also contact us via email, phone or Skype.​​

090-6299930 (Japanese・English)

090-9820998 (Tiếng việt・Japanese)

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